Arabella McIntyre-Brown of Transylvania

My story to you

I’m a writer. Cat person. Idle gardener. Editor. Teacher. Journalist. Cook. Cloud watcher. Pyromaniac. Cat person. Reader. Twitterphobe. Birdwatcher.

Born & bred in West Sussex, southern England. Spent 11 years in London before migrating to Liverpool for 20 years. Had a gap year in mid-Wales before emigrating to Transylvania (Romania) where I now live in the mountains near Brasov. I write books, edit texts, lead writing workshops, cook, watch clouds, talk to birds, read, potter about the garden and try not to leave the village more than once a week.

Your story to me

If you’re Romanian and if you love your country, or if you’ve forgotten how amazing it really is; if you want to be reminded of how life is in the Romanian countryside, if you now live outside Romania and want your kids, your spouse, your friends to know more about the country… this is for you. If you’re intrigued by a foreigner’s point of view of your home, or if you want to read the name Transylvania without the clichés that usually follow… this is for you.

If you’re not Romanian but are intrigued by the idea of Transylvania, or if you didn’t know that Transylvania was a real place; if you want to know about packing up the kitchen sink and moving to the middle of nowhere in a foreign language, aged 50+, and on your own; if you’ve been through bereavement and feel that your head is full of fog… If you’re just looking for somewhere different to go for a couple of weeks… This is for you.

A Stake In Transylvania

Friends said she was brave. Romanians were puzzled. Solitude amongst wildflower meadows sounds romantic, but there would be a price to pay. Could she survive on her own? Everything suggested she’d fail. But feeling instantly at home in a remote Transylvanian village, Arabella claimed her stake, and started again.